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IPSEC VPN Address Overlap Without Translation?

I am wondering if it's possible to have an ipsec vpn between 2 subnets that are the same WITHOUT translating them.


eg: in configurations and normal circumstances, if site 1 = and site 2 =, a translation occurs in between both vpn devices that says "hey private = once it leaves out the private interface" and the other says "hey private  = once it leaves out the private interface" then those 2 new spaces can talk ( &

the problem is I currently run a T1 which allows 1 address space on both sides, which is how it's setup. You plug anything on site 2 it pulls dhcp & internet from the main router on site a . The special equipment in question is setup as if both sides of the T1 is the same local network, and a device on each side talks to each other as a and across the T1 line.   If I change site 2  (which is last case scenario) to another address space, then I would have to change all the equipment to a new address space on site 2 while changing site 1 to look at the new addresses. I am trying avoid this. Is it possible?


I know it sounds weird but maybe I was thinking there's a way to do static. Say on Site 1 you say " is on the other side of the vpn. when you see know to go over vpn" although site 1 itself is .


is that possible? thanks

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