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Is there any wccp restriction for SUP2T + VSS

Hi Guys,

I'm working on a desing where I will use two CAT609-E each with a VS-SUP2T-10G.

and each chassis with the exact same number and type of WS-X68xx cards.

My customer requires among many things, wccp v2. His current solution is doing a L2 redirection to a WAE and GRE is not being used.

With the new hardware/Design he wants to enable VSS and I want to make sure wccp will continue to work without any restriccions.

Current wccp config on the existing CORE devices is:

ip wccp 61 redirect-list access-list-name

ip wccp 62 redirect-list access-list-name

SVIs for LAN

ip wccp 61 redirect in

SVIs for WAN

ip wccp 62 redirect in

and on WAE (4.4.1):

wccp router-list 1 IP-add-of-CORE IP-add-of-CORE2

wccp tcp-promiscuous service-pair 61 62 mask src-ip-mask 0xf dst-ip-mask 0x0

wccp tcp-promiscuous service-pair 61 62 failure-detection 30

wccp tcp-promiscuous service-pair 61 62 router-list-num 1 l2-redirect mask-assign

wccp version 2

so bottom line, is there any wccp restriccion with sup2t + +vss+ wccp?

Release note dont say anything about this combination.

Thank you!

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