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iSCSI, from Fabric Interconnect to a 3560 Catalyst switch with HP NAS behind it.

Joseph E Spoon
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First main question I have is, is an Appliance port supported if you connect from a Fabric Interconnect to a 3560 Catalyst switch to access the iSCSI drive behind it?  If not what other setups can I try?

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Can you please elaborate which devices are involved? 

iSCSI is an IP based technology. The 3560 should work.

We have a 5108 blade chassis with 4 b200 servers and 2 6248 fabric interconnects. We are uplinked on the LAN to a 4500 catalyst switch and are looking to connect to an HP iSCSI storage device through a 3560 catalyst switch. When configuring it as an application port the fabric interconnect automatically shuts the port down. We have it connected as an uplink port now on the port going to the switch attached to the storage. We are currently using an HP server solution and are looking to start migrating to Cisco UCS. What steps are involved in doing this if we configure this as an uplink port? Thanks for your response

Any input on this is appreciated.  Thanks for the help.

Just to follow up on this.  I was able to get this configured with the assistance of TAC.  I have setup a "dummy VLAN" for the iSCSI traffic.  To test I have a laptop hooked up on the Catalyst switch and a Virtual Machine installed on one of the UC servers and am pinging between the two.  I setup a separate vNIC for each server for the iSCSI vlan and setup the port-channel  and vlan group for the dummy vlan.  All in all everything is talking and I just have the move the rest of the Catalyst iSCSI switch to the same dummy VLAN, I'm just awaiting a maintenance window.

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