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Issue with trunking over a wireless connection with CE500 switches

I have been facing an issue with creating a trunk connection between two switches over a wireless connection. Both switches have an access point attached at either end and form a trunk over wireless media and just recently the port at one end went into disabled state. I have attached a file which shows the error encircled in black. Port Fa 23 on the switch is connecting to a wireless bridge which is trunking with the switch at the other end. The port at my end is Port 23 which is a 100 Mbps port set on Auto and the port at the other end is a 1 gig port also set on auto hence I was thinking that won't be an issue because they would both negotiate the speed and duplex and agree on 100Mbps and full duplex. I was thinking of making both ends 100 Mbps ports and was also wondering that since the medium being used is wireless it maybe that I will have to set it to be Half-duplex at both ends. Has anyone else tried trunking over wireless media and faced similar issues? Both switches are CE500 switches. Please do suggest a solution here. Thanks very much.

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