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L3 Switches connecting to Firewalls

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Hi All,

I have a topology as shown below:


The Firewalls A & B are running as active/standby. I have an etherchannel configured between L3 Switch A and Switch B. The switches also have HSRP running for various VLANs. 

The link between Switch and Firewalls are routed ports. I have the following issues:

1) The routed port of Sw A isnt pinging routed port of Sw B

2)The switches dont detect topology change (Active/Standby change) in the Firewall level. The switch connected to the active firewall alone works while the switch connected to standby firewall isnt able to reach the FW IP.


Ideally I should have had redundant links between the switches and firewalls,unfortunately this was overlooked.

Could someone please explain what is happening in both the cases mentioned above?




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Hello @Ranjita 

When two Layer 3 switches with routed ports are not able to ping each other, this might be du.e to a few reasons:

Routed Ports Not Pinging Between Switch A and Switch B: 

May be Configuration Mismatch, EtherChannel Misconfiguration, Routing Table Issues, Physical Link Problems.

Switches Don't Detect Topology Changes in Firewalls:

Missing Redundancy, HSRP Failover Configuration, Firewall Failover Communication, Routing Issues.

To address these issues, consider the following recommendations:

  • Add Redundancy: Redundant links between switches and firewalls can ensure continuous connectivity when the active/standby status changes.

  • Reconfigure EtherChannel and HSRP: Double-check the configuration to ensure correct setup. Confirm there are no misconfigurations in the channel groups, protocols, HSRP group numbers, or priorities.

  • Monitor and Test: Implement monitoring to detect topology changes and test failover scenarios to ensure proper behavior. Use tools like SNMP and syslog to monitor for failures and alert when topology changes occur.

  • Consult Firewall Documentation: Check the firewall's documentation for specific details about the high-availability setup and ensure it is correctly configured.


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