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Latency on network with 6509 core and ASA firewall.

Hello Experts,

I am trying to troubleshoot an issue with slowness in the network. 

We have a 500 MB dedicated internet line but recently I started facing slowness in the network and when checked (on, I see only 5-10 MB on the wireless and the wired network. Initially I was suspecting a bad Netgear switch but I get the same speed when I connect directly to the core.

I have tried doing a traceroute from the computers and the switch and they come up pretty decent. There are no timeouts. I have looked for any duplex mismatch on the ports but they all look fine (at least to me). I am running out of ideas as of now. We have 2 VLAN's to separate wired and wireless network.

Anyone have ever seen an issue like this? Any specific tool or way to see the bottle neck that I may have missed?

Thanks and any input is appreciated ALWAYS!!!


Hall of Fame Expert

Hi Saji,

Talk to your provider and look at the contract you have with them.  Sometimes, you get a 500Mb link but it is limited to 50 or 100mb and can burst up to 500Mb so the company can pay a lower price and save some money.  If your contract say, you should get 500Mb line rate, then you need to see what the provider is doing on their side to slow you down. It is a good idea that you are testing from the core.  Does the core directly connects to the provider's router or you have another router that connects to the provider?



Hi Reza,  

Thanks for the reply. 

I spoke to them but they said there is nothing wrong on their end and they see no delay or no complaints from another customers. The only thing I will to ask them to check is on their switch because we did have a power outage last week and since then we have this issue. It is possible that the port on their switch may have changed to 100 or half duplex. I have check all my ends and see nothing wrong. I cant even make my case with them if I have nothing to prove. When I do a traceroute there are no timeouts under our network and ISP's that I should be flagged about 

To answer your question, our core connects to a web filter and then the filter connects to the ISP switch. Our speed was never less that 100MB -150 MB. There were times it reached 490MB but recently, it has been an issue.

I have opened a ticket with the web filter company and I am hoping to get a reply soon. Whatever answer I get, I will keep it posted.



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