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Layer 2 Campus LAN Extension Between Two Sites Help?

Hi Cisco Community,

I wanted to get your feedback and recommendations on Layer 2 LAN extensions between two geographical Campus locations. My Manager wishes to use our LAN ASA to filter traffic in and out of this new geographical location. The only way I could think of this happening is to extend Layer 2 via MPLS. Of course, I have been reviewing the Cisco Layer 2 extension doc that is available out there in which provides lots of great details and information. I am more interested in the needed configurations for the ASA, and need your advise to get me into the right path.

My assumption is that the majority of the configurations will be on the routing tables and not so much with the VLAN configurations on the site that has the ASA. The objective here is for all traffic in and out of this site to go through our ASA, which is remote, to the new LAN. I am still thinking that a ASA will be needed on the new location, since I am still looking a this from a physical perspective and not from a logical one. If I understand this correctly, the majority of the configurations between both sites will be concentrated on the routing tables and ACLs and not so much on the internal VTP configuration.

Need some guidance as to where to focus my energy in my research and learning on how to get the remote site traffic filtered through a remote ASA prior to hitting the remote new site.

Your help and guidance is extremely appreciated!



Julio E. Moisa
VIP Mentor

Hi Gustavo,

If you are going to extend your L2 network you could use a L2 VPN, do you have a diagram?

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Hi Julio,

I have a draft diagram. I was thinking of the L2VPN but not sure of the unknown variables to expect. So I am assuming that I can establish an L2VPN within the MPLS connection between my both sites? Also, this traffic will need to get through our ASA before going out to the remote site. Could this be possible? I am still thinking that I will be forced to install an ASA in the remote site?

Let me know which documentation I will ned to review and follow to get me where I need to be.

Thank you,