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Linking 3550 and SR520

So first off i am green-ish to cisco configs beyond out of the box stuff but not new with technology in general. Let me know if I am in the right place.

Intro for myself:

I've worked for smaller companies building their IT infrastructure but Cisco at those times was a bit out of budget.

Now i am moving on to force myself to come up to speed with Cisco gear as it's not as expensive as it once was.

I am working on courses, reading, labs and whatnot. I know a true Cisco engineer but he is always swamped to ask simple learning questions.

It seems around town its hard to find anyone that knows this stuff to nerd out with learning. So my choices were drive to Denver for bootcamps or just force myself to get some gear and learn what i can. For now I only have time for self learning between day and night jobs.

Gear: (working on moving towards more Cisco)

-Netgear FVS336G  (main router and internet gateway <> right now because it "works" for all my VPN and port forwarding <has issues forwarding https non-standard ports with Cisco>)

-Cisco 3550 poe switch

-Cisco SR520 (this thing is somewhat of a pain to use between the GUI and CLI hacks to get simple things like two wireless networks to broadcast)

-Cisco 2950 (havent figure out what to use this for yet)


So I hooked up the 3550 to replace my old Dell "smart" switch. I added a VLAN 2 giving the switch VLAN a IP of which is serving my old network of which is a Windows domain with a Windows DHCP server running. All this is currently working.

I've tried adding the SR520 into the mix as just a plain access point to run my wireless network(s). So i create the VLAN on the SR520 of 2 with a ip connected back to the Cisco 3550 and this is where i am missing something.

From the SR520 CLI I can ping and ping and from the network on the 3550 i can ping the SR520 VLAN2 IP of but if i create a wireless network mapped to VLAN2 or plug into a port mapped to VLAN2 I am not getting DHCP or even if i manually config my network IP and gateway I cant ping/resolve out.

I have tried changing things around with different "smartport" rules that the GUI suggests and switching back and forth with the GUI and CLI.

I assume i am missing a static route or gateway of last resort or that the SR520 has to use the 3550 VLAN IP that then routes to the Netgear……… or that i am completely lost…………thoughts? What data do you need from me?

Current Setup:

Netgear FVS336G (



                   |(Static VLAN2 port)

Cisco 3550poe (VLAN2

     |(SmartPort "Switch" on VLAN2)




     |(Smartport Role "Router" on VLAN2)

Cisco SR520 (VLAN2

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