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Linksys SRW2024P causing jitter on VoIP calls and other oddities

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I have a set of Cisco 3524XL switch and a Linksys SRW2024P switch.   When I plug the 4 cisco 3524XL switches directly into the Linksys and VoIP phones off the 3524XL's I get jitter in the converstations, remote desktop becomes choppy on the screen updates, DHCP takes forever to assign IP addreeses.    If I connect the Cisco 3524XL's together and 1 Cisco into the Linksys the jitter. choppy screen updates, DHCP issues go away.

Over a period of time the webinterface to the linksys stops responding, after few months after the webinterface stops working the linksys stops working all together and requires a power cycle.

I recently updated my VoIP phones from phones that used ULAW to G722.  G722 is unreliable.  If the pbx says "Extension 132 is unavailable leave a message after the beep <BEEP>" all I hear on the phone is "Extension 12 available"  and never hear the <BEEP>.  Switching the phones back to ULAW everything is heard on the phone.

I am not sure what the warranty or other options are for the linksys, but it would seem my 10 year old Cisco switches need to be replaced and for sure the  linksys.

Any ideas?  Thank you for your time.

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I have also had weird issues with the SRW2024 switches with some network devices.. connecting some of our san management controllers seems to bring the network to its knees.

reboot the switches with the devices unplugged and it seems to go away.  Note all the switches need to be rebooted at the same time.. Its very strange.

any switch stays up the network still goes nuts.

Its like STP or MAC addresses are being propogated around the network in a loop over and over again.

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