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Management vlan down

Setting up a new Catalyst 3750.  It is hooked up to a switch stack (two 3750s).  On the stack the master has both fiber ports filled, so I am using GigabitEthernet 2/0/1 on the other switch.

On the new switch I have a Ubiquity AP connected to 1/0/15 and the port is up.

CDP neighbor shows the connection, however the managment vlan is down/down.  A partial config is attached.  Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Don't do it that way if they

Don't do it that way if they are the same family of 3750's.  Just get extra stacking cables.  This document shows how to connect them up.


Sorry, I must not be clear.

Sorry, I must not be clear.  The new switch is at a new location so I can't stack the new switch.  It has a few block fiber run to the stack.


  Make sure vlan 254 is

  Make sure vlan 254 is created on the new switch . Do a show vlan on the new switch and see what vlans are created .


This ended up being a Port

This ended up being a Port Channel Config issue.  Thanks for everyone's suggestions.


Hello Swicklund,

Hello Swicklund,

it's not quite clear how the switches are connected to each other(on which interface).

but what i can see in the config that you send is that on port 2/0/1 there is no switchport trunk native vlan 254 so it wil use vlan 1 as default, which is in shutdown.

on both sides need to have the same native vlan.

hoop this helps


Inn switch is the new one -

Inn switch is the new one - Gigabit1/0/1 is connected to 2/0/1 on the stack.  

On the stack 1/0/1 is connected to the core.

A very simple diagram attached.

I think what you might mean is that we need that command on 1/0/1 on the StudentAnnex switch.  Vlan 254 is active on the Inn switch.  I will go ahead and try that.  Thank you for the suggestion.

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As long as both switches are

As long as both switches are trunking you don't need to touch the native VLAN.

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