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Map mulitple static IP through single 877 router for subnets


Hello All.

I have searched around a bit and I believe the 877 router will do what I want but I would like to have this confirmed.

Here's the situation.

Assume there is a static IP address (not the real IP) for a ADSL service.

The ISP has mapped a block of other static IP's that are directed to address. Assume the block goes from to

I want to hook up a 877 router and configure the wan port to be and then have port one on the lan side connected to a router with the ip address This router will be one subnet or vnet. Port two on the 877 router would be connected to another router with the ip address of This would be a second subnet.

Can the 877 router support this? If I read the specs correctly it looks like it supports vlan's.

Would a web user be able to connect to and be connected to the subnet 1 through port 1 of the 877 router?

Is the web interface intuitive enough to allow this to be configured easily?

If someone knows of a sample config file for this type of connection I would appreciate seeing it.

Thanks for considering this post.

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Collin Clark
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Support for 2 VLANs with Base Image. One VLAN dedicated to DMZ.

I've never used the web interface, but this is a pretty straight forward setup so it should be pretty intuitive.

Assign the WAN interface the IP of Assign the LAN or DMZ interface with 201.97.229.x. Then you can assign other hosts in the 201.97.229.x range. They must be in the same VLAN as your inside/DMZ interface.

Hope it helps.

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