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Migrating from 1921 to C1111

Hello People, 


Just looking for a bit of help.


Migrating a site form a 1921 to a C1111 as they needed a new router.


Config is applied, had to amend because of port names etc, all LAN and VLAN works and is seen however we are not getting any WAN access at all.


All VLANS are seen on the routers and switches.


Is there anything I am missing which would cause no WAN access?

Mark Malone
VIP Mentor

without seeing anything check NAT is working and is there as that would stop it reaching WAN 4

Check default gateways and subnets are right and make sure you have ping response up to the WAN port and that its definitively break out issue only

are the routes in the routing table too , default
is the wan interface up up


Thanks for the reply.

I am literally adding the router in place of the 1921.

Am I missing any commands for the NAT or should it just work if the config
is the same as the 1921?

It pings and works prior to migration, as soon as new router is in LAN
works but WAN has no connection at all.

Am I missing any commands for the NAT or should it just work if the config
is the same as the 1921?
unfortunately i cant tell that as i cant see what your looking at , a swap from a 1921 to c1111 should work straight away same configs generally so somethings been missed or is not enabled if you cant reach the internet yet

have you diffed the running config from both devices to make sure everything took correctly on the c1111 comparwd to the c1921 , use examdiff if you don't have a free tool

can you even ping the remote end of your WAN link , is that working ?
can you ping if your directly connected to the internet
is there acls blocking traffic locally etc

If thats working an you cant get any further could be NAT