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Migrating VSS VSL to Different Ports

Alright all ye experts, I have a situation I'm hoping to pick your brains on.  Here's the setup: Two 4510R+E with Sup7Es in a remote campus running VSS.  The VSL for the VSS was configured on two of the 10Gb ports off of the supervisor (in a port-channel).  The issue is that when I perform a failover and the supervisor reloads, the VSL drops and all of the line cards in that chassis drop until the VSL comes back up.


I'm thinking that if I move the VSL to the line cards it will separate the management plane/card from the data plane so when I perform an upgrade or have to fail over (for some reason) the line cards will remain up as the VSL will not be affected.  The biggest challenge I'm up against is that the line cards are 1Gb and the ports for the VSL are 10Gb - thus I'm not able to just add ports to the port channel and migrate that way.  Does anyone know if two VSLs can be run within the VSS environment?  This would make the transition easier otherwise I'll need to bring down the VSL in order to move it.


I forgot to mention that this is a small regional hospital so there really is no good time for a "downtime", but if it needs to happen it needs to happen.


Thanks all!

Cisco Employee

Hi' i found answer in the

Hi' i found answer in the link:


Thanks, can you identify what

Thanks, can you identify what the answer is?  I've read the document a few different times (mostly before posting here) and don't see any reference to having multiple VSLs.  I will say that this doc was helpful by validating I could create a 1Gb VSL.

Cisco Employee

You mean to say you want to

You mean to say you want to have two VSL links?

One from Sup and other one from the line card? If this is the question then answer is NO.



If you want to remove the Sup VSL link and just want to build the VSL between the switching through linecard then this is acceptable.



Cisco Employee

In Catalyst 4500 VSS, the

In Catalyst 4500 VSS, the linecards will reset if the Supervisor reload. Hence when you do the switchover from Active VSS chassis to Standby VSS chassis, the Supervisor and linecards in previous Active chassis will reload and your VSL link will go down.

So moving the VSL link to ports on linecard will not help here.

With Catalyst 4500 VSS, you cannot have both chassis forwarding traffic at the time of VSS failover.

Moreover as Sharieff answered, you cannot have two VSL portchannel in a VSS system.


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