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multiple ospf process redistribute

Level 2
Level 2


   I read this document

  below figure 4, i have question after //


  1. Router A (Router B) redistributes M into Domain 1, and external M will reach Router B (Router A).
  2. Because the administrative distance of Domain 1 is lower than Domain 2, Router A (Router B) will install M through Domain 1 and will set to maxage its previous originated LSA (event 1) into Domain 1.//what's this LSA,the redistribute from another doman?

  3. Because M has been set to maxage in Domain 2, Router A (Router B) will install M though Domain 2 and, therefore, will redistribute M into Domain 2.  //event 2 said maxage in Domain 1 , now it is domain 2. i confused?

  4. Same as event 1.

   thank you!




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Level 2
Level 2

in event 2: cisco website say set maxage its previous orginated LSA into Domain 1.

but in event 3: say because M has been set to maxage in Domain 2??????

is this a mistake?

when router A receive M type 5 lsa from its domain 2,and redistribute M into domain 1,router B also redistribute M lsa,and will receive lsa from router A,because lower distance,so router B will choose lsa from router A(domain 1), and maxage its origin lsa。

so inside domain 1,only one lsa from router A exist, is that right?


but inside domain 1, which one(router A orB) lsa can exist,  we can't control

depend on the status of ospf process running?

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