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Michael Shepherd

N5010 MGMT port

Let me start by giving a brief description of our situation:

We have aquired new space in our DR facility that is not in our current cage.  A new fiber run was installed to our new space.  Roughly 500'-700' run (Multimode OM3 fiber was used).  There is no copper between the cages due to the distance.

We have one 5010 on the existing side connecting to a 5010 in the new space using 2 fiber links, port channeled.  We are using SFP-10G-SR's on those links.

Since there is no copper connections, we have the management port of the second 5010 plugged into itself using a SFP-GE-T EXT.

Here is our problem.

We cannot ping the management IP of the new space 5010.  I can see it in CDP, links are up.  I plug in a laptop to the new space 5010 (it has a FEX attached) and I can ping that from the local (new space) 5010, but not across the fiber.

I have default gateway set.

Any ideas?  Can the management port be plugged into the same switch it resides on?  Do I need different SFP's between the 2 cages?

Michael Shepherd

I have attached a visio of the setup.

I also tried creating a VSI, but could not ping that address from across the fiber either....

Don't waste your time trying to troubleshoot that setup as it is completely useless anyway. If you lose your fex or the inband connection to the N5k, the whole switch is no longer reachable, thus the mgmt port does not offer you any benefit at all so why bother with it?

In a big datacenter environment you'd have a dedicated out-of-band-network where you'd connect the management port to. If this is outside your scope then simply define a management vlan and configure an SVI to do inband management. In that case just ignore the mgmt port.

For your SVI problem: check if the corresponding vlan is allowed on the fiber trunk in both directions. Check if the VLAN interface is up.

-> show vlan id XXX

-> show vlan interface XXX

-> show cdp neigh




Are you pinging it correctly?  What syntax are you using ?   Can't just use a ping command , you have to specify .

has to be like   ping

  vrf management    .