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Need Help with Home setup

First , let me say I'm a newbie when it come sto networking so any help is appreciated

I'm trying to learn more about networking and firewalls so I would like to install pfsense on a thinclient or some old computer I have laying around

From doing som research I think I need an old box for my firewall with two NICS. One will get connected to my WAN(cable modem) and the other is where I'm confused. I have a wireless linksys router that I'd like to use for wireless capabilities. so I'm wondering where the cables will all get connected to?

I'm thinking it will be WAN->pfsense -> to switch> where will my wirelss router get plugged into? and I think I need to change my wireless router to just act as an access point. anyone recommend a good thin client for pfsense, I really don't want to install it on an old big box, rather have a nice and small looking device. What I'm trying to accomplish is seperate 1 computer into a seperate vlan with internet acess and the other devices on other vlan will not

be able to communicate to each other but they will all have internet access.

I know I can just install DD-WRT for vlan and be done with it but I don't wanna go that route.

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