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Network disasbled because of bpduguard error detececd


We have an identical problem with 6 new servers. The first network card of the server (connected to the Cisco WS-C2960X-48LPS-L) will be disabled with the message: 

SPANTREE-2-BLOCK_BPDUGUARD: Received BPDU on port GigabitEthernet1/0/9 with BPDU Guard enabled. Disabling port.


Attached is the logfile. Is there maybe a configuration problem of the Intel Network card from the server?

The server is running Linux CentOS.

Any help is welcome.


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Jaderson Pessoa
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Helo my friend,


The problem seems to be simple:  Does it servers running virtual machines or virtualizing any swtich? Because your switch is protected with BPDUGUARD then if an interface in ACCESS MODE receive a bpdu, it will be put in ERRDISABLE.


You can add the command under interface or in global mode



no spanning-tree portfast bpduguad enable (will remove from only interface that you choice)


Global Mode

no spanning-tree portfast bpduguard   << will rmeove bpdu guard from all interface ( not recommended)


Second alternative is to swtich from ACCESS MODE to TRUNK MODE the interface that encounter the problem.



Jaderson Pessoa
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Deepak Kumar
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni


I think, there is a vSwitch in the host os such as VMware or HyperV. This vSwitch is sending BPDU and it is normal.


Here are two solutions for you:

1. Disable BPDU guard on the interface level and it is recommended way.

2. Disable STP on the Server's vSwitch.


There are third options and it is not recommended anyway so I am not going to mention here.


Deepak Kumar,
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Vishnu Vardhan S

As you are getting the BPDU on port 1/0/9 its obvious that BPDU guard has been enabled and this port is receiving the BPDU's from the vSwitch running inside the server. 


If you are ok to disable the BPDU guard in the port then use below command : 


S1(config-if)#no spanning-tree guard




If its ok to disable STP in your vSwitch then you can do that.

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