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New Feature Navigator - 1760 no response

Recently Cisco has changed the interface of Feature Navigator

(Thanks God, because I think that the APP server of the old version was a 486 or some like that).

If I do a 'search by feature' and platforms 1800 or 2800 series, I get the results normally and quickly(very quickly comparing with the old version of F.N.)

BUT(There is always a but!) I cant see any results of 1760 ad 1751-v platforms.

It presents a "Loading" on the screen an keeps it infinitively...

I tested it on Firefox and I.E.

Is this happening to somebody else?

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Cisco Employee

New Feature Navigator - 1760 no response

Hello Douglas,

How are you searching the above product in the navigator?

I searched it using "search by platform" option when connected to my vpn and it loaded up hardly in 2 secs. Can you give it a try and let me know the status now?


Ricky Micky

New Feature Navigator - 1760 no response

Hello Richard.

Its true, on "Search By Platform" the system keep the same old one, and the answers is around 2 secs.

But the problem appears in "Search by Feature", selecting any feature to be filtered(bgp 4 for example), continue, chiising platform, IOS, 1760, and there you will see the problem that I mentioned.

Cisco Employee

Re: New Feature Navigator - 1760 no response

Hello Doug,

I have tested the software by search by feature option and did the same steps as you have mentioned above, It works fine for me in chrome and firefox but not in IE. The following are the versions of the browsers,

CHROME - 15.0.874.121 m - Working great

IE - 8 - Not working

Firefox - 8 - Working great

Can you let me know your versions of the browser so that we can try doing some more tests and take it to the software dev team?



Re: New Feature Navigator - 1760 no response

Chrome -> Not instaled

Firefox -> 8.0

IE -> 9.0.8112

A screenshot with the eternal "loading" and a few other info is attached.

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