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Newbe question about SG300-20 dropping port to Router

Hello to you all

Today I received my new SG 300-20 managed switch to replace an unmanaged switch with some faulty ports.

I want to use it in a a combined Home / Small Office environment. It is my first purchase and use of a managed switch so am still new at it.

I come from an IT-background but more from the software side than the hardware side of things, but I feel comfortable with hardware and network things.

I was planning to start using the switch in its most basic configuration first and gradually start learning the finer details of its configuration, with the ultimate purpose of setting up several VLANs for business, private use and media playing and to do some IPv6 experimenting.

All my attached devices are Gigabit network capable.

The issue is when connecting the cable to my router (an ISP provided FritzBox 7340 (an ISP version comparable to 7390) which is IPv6 capable) the SG 300-20 keeps dropping the port.

The log show the following messages repeated 3 times:

2147483597   2011-Mar-18 17:08:53 Warning   %LINK-W-Down: g8 
2147483598   2011-Mar-18 17:08:50 Warning   %STP-W-PORTSTATUS: g8: STP status Forwarding 
2147483599   2011-Mar-18 17:08:46 Informational   %LINK-I-Up: g8

It doesn't matter which port I use the same thing happens each time.

All other devices connected to the SG 300-20 just work fine.

When I connect the router to my old switch it also just works fine.

When I connect my old switch with router attached to the SG 300-20 it works fine and the DHCP on my router will provide the SG 300-20 with an IP-address.

I just can't connect the router directly to the SG 300-20.

I'm a bit at a loss of where to look for a solution.

As I said all is still in default settings.

Can anybody point my to a solution or way of finding out what is the problem why the port is being dropped?

Thank you


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