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Nexus 3064PQ and QSFP ports




I have a pair of 3064PQ with four 40gb ports. I want to connect them with a twinax qsfp cable.


Problem is, 40gbs ports appears has 4x10gb.


Eth1/51/1     --                 notconnec 1         full    10G     QSFP-40G-CR4
Eth1/51/2     --                 notconnec 1         full    10G     QSFP-40G-CR4
Eth1/51/3     --                 notconnec 1         full    10G     QSFP-40G-CR4
Eth1/51/4     --                 notconnec 1         full    10G     QSFP-40G-CR4


Is there a way to make Eth1/51 as a SINGLE 40gb connection instead of 4x10gb ?


In the past I have done it on 5600 series and I'm pretty sure they appeared as a single port. BTW, both ends of the twinax cable are a single QSFP connector (no 4x10gb split).



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Reza Sharifi
Hall of Fame Expert Hall of Fame Expert
Hall of Fame Expert


You should be able to change it to 40Gig.

Try this command:

hardware profile front portmode


thanks. It seems this command change all qfsp ports ?


Problem is, this N3K has four qsfp ports but I need the first two ports to be 4x10gb and the last two ports 1x40gb.


I suppose it's not possible ?

atswcis1(config)# hardware profile portmode ?
  48x10g+4x40g  48x10G+4x40G port mode
  52x10g+3x40g  52x10G+3x40G port mode
  56x10g+2x40g  56x10G+2x40G port mode
  60x10g+1x40g  60x10G+1x40G port mode
  64x10g        64x10G port mode


I just saw someone has type the command hardware profile portmode 64x10.


So I supposed they all act as 10gb right now...

Reza Sharifi
Hall of Fame Expert Hall of Fame Expert
Hall of Fame Expert

I am not sure if there is way to convert 2 out 4 qsfp uplinks from 10 to 40 but there should be a way to convert all 4 of them.


I opened a case with TAC, I'll let you know the anwser.

Did you get an answer from TAC?  I know in older versions of code it wasn't possible to breakout only 2 of the 4 40gig ports, but i'm wondering if newer versions of code allow it.  




I've found intresring doc

which says:

Note that even though the command help gives the option to breakout the ports individually, this won't actually work. The options that work are 48x10g+4x40g or 64x10g.

Int's interesting may be this issue is fixed in lastest NXOSes becuse 56x10g+2x40g 56x10G+2x40G port mode can be extreemlyuseful in my case.

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