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Nexus 4k QoS


I have been attempting to configure QoS on the nexus 4k blade switch to set the CoS value of incoming traffic off the internal 10G interfaces, but have come across an error on which I can find no information on. Any advice would be appreciated


ip access-list Mark-CoS-0
ip access-list Mark-CoS-1
ip access-list Mark-CoS-6
ip access-list Mark-CoS-2
ip access-list Mark-CoS-4
  10 remark *** ESX vMotion ***
ip access-list Mark-CoS-5
  10 remark *** NFS Data Store - NetApp ***
  30 remark *** iSCSI Data Store - NetApp ***

class-map type qos match-all Classify-Gold
  match access-group name Mark-CoS-6
class-map type qos match-all Classify-Bronze
  match access-group name Mark-CoS-2
class-map type qos match-all Classify-Silver
  match access-group name Mark-CoS-4
class-map type qos match-all Classify-Platinum
  match access-group name Mark-CoS-5
class-map type qos match-all Classify-Scavenger
  match access-group name Mark-CoS-1
class-map type qos match-all Classify-Best-Effort
  match access-group name Mark-CoS-0

policy-map type qos Global-Classify-CoS
  class Classify-Platinum
    set cos 5
  class Classify-Gold
    set cos 6
  class Classify-Silver
    set cos 4
  class Classify-Bronze
    set cos 2
  class Classify-Scavenger
    set cos 1
  class Classify-Best-Effort
    set cos 0

interface Ethernet1/1

service-policy type qos input Global-Classify-CoS


When I attempt to add to any of the ACLs defined for CoS I get the following error message:

"ERROR: lou allocation failure"

This only occurs when I attempt to specify a port be it TCP, UDP, ICMP. For example when I try to add the following "permit tcp any any eq 2049"

If I drop the portion "eq 2049" it is accepted, but doesn't really help define the QoS I'm tring to do on a converged network.

Also if I remove the service policy from the interface and then try, it is accepted, but adding the policy back on the 10G interface produces a similiar message - ERROR:   Module 1 returned status "lou allocation failure"

The switch is running the latest version of NX-OS so I'm a little stumped on what I have done/doing wrong



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