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Nexus 5548 as a core replacement


I'm considering in replacing a single 6513 chassis that currently is playing the role of the core router switch - all layer 2 and 3 routing happens on this node.  This site is not a high bandwidth data center, it is a branch office and we've outgrown this device in terms of port density so I'm determined to demote this switch as only an access layer device for the user community.  I will move all servers and telecom gear to ToR switches so my question is has anyone used the a pair of 5548 switches with the Layer 3 daughter cards as a replacement for a 6513?  It has a decent amount of Layer 3 throughput so I would imagine this would be feasible.

FYI, this site does not justify the purchase of a Nexus 7K so please keep this in mind when posting feedback.

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I don't have experience with Nexus switches, but from what you describe, a pair of 5548s would likely work just fine and be feasible.  However, also from what you've described, you might have more cost effective options than a pair of 5548s that might be feasible too.  For instance, if you're willing to have ToR switches, why cannot additional edge switches be used to expand your 6513 ports?  Or, perhaps another semi-distribution switch next to your 6513 like a 4500 or 3750 stack?

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I'd keep in mind that Layer 3 functionality is a "somewhat" recent addition to the N5K platform. I would be tempted to look at a 45xx myself for the Layer 3 piece.

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