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Nexus 5548 as core L2/L3, uplink to 2900 routers HSRP


We have a relatively small, 2 datacenter configuration with a UCS flexpod at each site. The current L2/L3 core is comprised of a single Procurve 5412zl switch.  Due to the Procurve's lack of supervisor redundancy, we would like to use the two 5548s as the core network L3 switches.  The 5548s do have the L3 daughter card.  I would like to know the feasability of the attached network design in respect to the routers upstream from the 5548s. 

Specifically, what should the routing configuration look like between the Nexus and the 2901 routers.  These routers will be configured with HSRP and IP SLA to perform gateway of last resort selection.  I do not plan to use a routing protocol between the Nexus and 2900s since only two static routes will be used.  Do I need transport networks between the 5548s and the Nexus or can I simply put the 2900s on the same Vlan as the 5548s and configure the 5548s with a gateway of last resort set to the 2900s HSRP address.

Thanks for your help,


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