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Ask the Expert- SD-WAN


Nexus 5K - Issue to restore configuration with switch-profile

Hello Cisco community,

My client has two Nexus 5K in VPC mode with switch-profile to sync the configuration.
I want to put in place a backup configuration. To do so I issue the command:

copy run ftp://user@myftp//backup_conf_5k.txt

When I look to the configuration there is some weird stuff:

In global conf I get:

  pinning max-links 1
  pinning max-links 1
  pinning max-links 1
  pinning max-links 1

So I am not able to see my Fexs.

But in switch-profile configuration, I get:

  fex 301
    description "Uplink-FEX301"
  fex 302
    description "Uplink-FEX302"
  fex 303
    description "Uplink-FEX303"
  fex 304
    description "Uplink-FEX304"

It seems that is because some commands can't be put in switch-profile configuration.

Ok, but what's happen when I try to put back my backup configuration to my N5K switch ?

I did a 'copy bootflash:backup_conf_5k.txt run' and I get a lot of errors.

Does somebody know how to restore a backup configuration to my N5K with switch-profile in the configuration ?

Other question:
 If I want to remove the switch-profile without loosing any configuration, do you know if the command below works fine and without disruption ?

no switch-profile XX profile-only

 Thanks a lot,

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