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Nexus 5K switches - vpc port channel mis-config due to vpc links in the 2 switches

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Hi Friends.


Nexus switches are newly implemented at our regional datacenter. We are planning to use these nexus in L2 as access switches all L3 lans are created in 3560 switches. However When i am excucting the "Sh VPC " getting error message as "vpc port channel mis-config due to vpc links in the 2 switches connected to different partners". Can you please help me ,where I made mistake.

Tologoy diagram is attached for reference...

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Level 1

One server has 2 NIC cards , one port is connected N5k1 and second port to N5K2. but portchannel is up at 5K1 ,but not at 5K2...

In addition to the above details , I am adding error logs...

5K1 ( Portchannel 110)


110   Po110(SU)   Eth      LACP      Eth1/2(P)


5K2 ( Portchannel 110)


110   Po110(SD)   Eth      LACP      Eth1/2(D)    --- > Down


Hi All,

Issue got resolved.  We just removed VPC 110 from the port-channel and added it back.  

Sorry guys, I should have checked our smart forum prior to posting this request...

Thanks for understanding..


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