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Nexus 5k to 2k to 10gig Server conectivity

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Hi All,

Sorry in case I'm posting a Silly question.

We are in the plan of implementing a new 10gig network. For this we have choosen the Nexus 5596 and 2232 pair. Please let me know the transceivers/accesories I should order for connecting 10Gig servers of NC552SFP dual port NICs to the 2232 in High availability (NIC 1 to 2232PP 1 and NIC 2 to 2232PP 2). Should I order the FEX SFP+ uplink conector to conect 5k and 2232 also (or its aded to the Nexus box itself) ? Also, is it fine to have Nexus 2232 in floor 2 and Parent neus in Floor 3 (say seperatd by a max of 400meters)?

Thanks in advance,


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Reza Sharifi
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The servers usually take standard LH or SH optics.  So for your servers you can use the SFP+10G-SR

You also need to order the 10gig SPF+ for connecting the FEXs to the 5Ks.  If your distance is 400M from FEX to the 5K than you need to use LR type SFP.  If you cable is 50/125 OM4 you can use SR, but you are safe if you use LR.

Have a look at table -2 in this link for the type of optics and the distance limitation

Also table-4 in this link:


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