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Nexus 6000 EIGRP static Neighbor

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hi. i want to configure EIGRP on our Nexus 6000 Switches, and want to use the Static Neighbor command, but it seems to me that it is missing in the NX-OS. can anyone confirm this ?
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Reza Sharifi
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What is the command you are trying to use?


i looking for the command marked below, this is taken from IOS

router eigrp 90

 no auto-summary
 neighbor FastEthernet0/0

what is the purpose of the neighbor command?  You already have a network statement and that should be enough for EIGRP to neighbor.

from the config guide:

Neighbor Discovery and Recovery

EIGRP uses the hello messages from the Reliable Transport Protocol to discover neighboring EIGRP routers on directly attached networks. EIGRP adds neighbors to the neighbor table. The information in the neighbor table includes the neighbor address, the interface it was learned on, and the hold time, which indicates how long EIGRP should wait before declaring a neighbor unreachable. By default, the hold time is three times the hello interval or 15 seconds.

EIGRP sends a series of Update messages to new neighbors to share the local EIGRP routing information. This route information is stored in the EIGRP topology table. After this initial transmission of the full EIGRP route information, EIGRP sends Update messages only when a routing change occurs. These Update messages contain only the new or changed information and are sent only to the neighbors affected by the change. See the "EIGRP Route Updates" section.

EIGRP also uses the Hello messages as a keepalive to its neighbors. As long as hello messages are received, Cisco NX-OS can determine that a neighbor is alive and functioning.


i want to control which EIGRP neighbor relations ships are formed.

by changing the EIGRP multicast traffic to Unicast



i thing it is strange if Cisco has removede this feature, from NX-OS

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