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Nexus 7000 - 1-rate, 2-color policer

Hi All


We have M224 module in N7K where we have a WAN circuit. This circuit takes all traffic , including replication. Now  - there is too much of activity on replication and we wanted to police replication traffic. I was interested in 1-rate, 2-color policer: ,  which will police replication traffic to 2 GB (say)....

I already have a service policy type queueing on the interface, and ill apply service policy qos on the same interface. Hope its fine ?


Will this work ?


1) define ACL for replication traffic

2) Create class map type qos, and apply the acl (should we also have class map default ?)


3) create policy map similar to one below:


policy-map type qos replication

class type qos one_rate_2_color_policer

 police cir 2048000000 confirm transmit violate drop


Can someone please help with this policing configuraiton ?



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anyone ?

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