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nexus 7000 supervisor replacement

VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

     I'm trying to get my head around how to replace a supervisor module on a nexus 7000 with a single supervisor.  The setup has the default vdc and one other defined.  So if a sup  was faulty  what is the best way to handle this? I have the default vdc config and the other vdc on a tftpboot server. Whats the easiest  and fastest way to hand this .  In the default vdc add address    and copy  the default vdc config and then when that's in copy the other vdc config file.    Just used to IOS where you normally had a single file and you got the box on the air enough to copy the config file into startup and reloaded .  Hope this makes sense.   Tried to read some  of the docs but it's still not clear what exactly needs to be done.   Thanks for any help...

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Level 7

That makes sense.

1. Restore the default VDC config.

2. Create your second VDC.

3. Restore the second VDC config.

Don't forget to have a backup of any license files that you may have purchased, for example MPLS.

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