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Nexus 7K, 9K DCI w/ OTV Design Questions


I'm preparing for a new Nexus 7700, 9300 & 2K project. The overall design is to have a single Nexus 7K core in either data center separated by a L2 link. A pair of 9K's on either data center handling all 10Gb aggregation & 2K connectivity. Going to do a Data Center Interconnect (DCI) with OTV between sites. Also planning to use FHRP Isolation to optimize traffic at either site. All of the documentation & best practice documents I've looked through always show redundant 7K's on either side which makes sense for the sake of redundancy.

One of my questions is, are there any "gotchas" or considerations when doing this design using a single 7K on either side as opposed to 2?

Has anyone implemented OTV recently and were they able to run OTV in the same VDC as the the L3 routing? The older firmware required that OTV & L3 routing be configured either on separate switches or separate VDC's. I was hoping that had since changed.

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