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Nexus 9504 - MACSEC problem




Got a 9504 with a N9K-X9732C-FX card and trying to enable MACSEC on a trunk port but I get the error: macsec is not supported on module 2 (Module 2 is the X9732C card).


I have checked the spec for the card on Cisco site and it says "Yes" that it supports MACSEC. But when I check configuration Guide about MACSEC it list only the X9736C-FX card. Also followed the Configuration Guide how to enable MACSEC so I think the config is correct, I get the error when I try to enable the macsec policy on the port.


Im using NX-OS 9.2.1, anyone have some ideas about this or does my card not support MACSEC?



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Thanks for the reply.


Ive read this "MACsec is supported on the N9K-X9736C-FX and the N9K-X9732C-EXM line cards".


But if you check:


It says X9732C-FX supports MACSec, so im wondering if it will be supported in an upcomming NX-OS release or is it just wrong information?



the documents linked in both posts apparently contradict each other...


The recommended release is nxos.7.0.3.I4.8b.bin, can you try and downgrade to that ?

I was using nxos.7.0.3.I4.7 but then upgraded to nxos.9.2.1.bin

Seems to be some document mistakes, 


i followed the latest updated 11th Feb 2019


have you contact local SE for this issue ? raise an TAC to confirm


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