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Nexus 9504 VRF route leak and NAT

derek wilson

Hi All.

I have a design issue  - see if anyone can help..

I have a 9504 with separate VRF's per customer, each customer had RFC1918 address space - so can overlap.

I also have another VRF that's used as "common services" out of RIPE ip space.  I want to "leak" routes from the customer vrf's to the common services (CS) and back allowing  a customer to access CS for services they need, leaking using simple export/import of the RT's.

Issue is the return traffic could obviously be an issue as there could be multiple customers with the same ip/subnet.  So what I wanted to do was NAT the traffic before it leaves the customer VRF to a RIPE ip I will assign.

Anyone know on the 9504 if this is possible?


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Reza Sharifi
Hall of Fame Expert Hall of Fame Expert
Hall of Fame Expert

Hi Derek,

I have never use the 9500 series, but according to the release notes NAT is available on 7.0.(3). see below link:


Thanks   - I think part of the issue will be trying to get the 1918 ip's NAT'd inside the VRF before leaking just the NAT'd ip vrf to vrf.

Not convinced that's possible.

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