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nexus linecard issues


   We have a 2 new nexus 7000 boxes .   It has a N7k-sup2 , n7k-m148gt-11l   and  a n7k-f248xp-25E cards .   Originally we had a non E F2 card and it would not let us put all the ports in the same vdc .  It was then indicated that if we went to a F2 E card it would be compatible with M1 card in the same vdc only it's not letting us allocate ports from both cards into the single vdc ,keep getting "error:1 or more interfaces are from a module of the type not suported by this vdc , which is what we saw before.   Running 6.1.2 code .  What now to get these to work within the same vdc.  There shouldn't be these kinds of restrictions around these linecards .  Am I missing something ??

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Leo Laohoo
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VIP Community Legend
Am I missing something ??

Yeah, you need to talk to your Cisco SE.

The firmware to allow the F2e card to co-habitate between the M1/M2 and F1 card have NOT eventuate.  So yes, the F2e card is behaving exactly like the legacy F2 card:  F2/F2e card can only be in their own vDC and cannot co-habitate with M1/M2 and F1 card.

Reza Sharifi
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Hall of Fame Master

Before adding it to a VDC, can you try using this command first?

system module-type f2

Reza , this command doesn't seem to be an option for some reason .  I see it in some documentation also but when you go into config mode it doesn't seem to be an option under the system commands .  Could this be a licensing issue of some type, I know we can only create a single vdc  for this setup .  Any ideas?


You are doing these commands from the admin VDC right?

Also, are you using sup-2 or sup-2e?


Yes doing it from the admin vdc , but that command is valid under the system command.  This has a Sup-2  supervisor installed with version 6.1.2 .

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