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Nexus VPC Configuration

Level 1
Level 1

Hi The following config is it right or wrong. L3 is on 6509 5548 just do L2 . My question is is this config right and if I have a L2 vlan created on Nexus and assigned to two diffrent DC does the traffic leave 5548 to core to get to the other DC or take the vpc between the 5548?


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Reza Sharifi
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Hard to see your diagram, but it appear that you have 2 layers of Nexus 5K.  I am not sure, what the extra layer is for as one layer connecting to your 6500 should be enough.  Have a look at this document for reference info and examples on how to deploy VPC on the Nexus 5Ks.


Agree with Reza

Why you are extending the vPC and the layer two domain to to n5k ?

Currently the vpc between the both Nexus 5k in the same DC is there so the traffic is going through the 6509 to get to the other DC on diffrent or same subnets. The new addition I want to add is the two vpc between the DC from the two n5k and 2232. We do have two n5k in each DC for redundancy purpose.My question is even if I add the new vpc between the DC will the traffic be switched by n5k to other dc and is the config is valid?


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