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No Out going traffic on tunnel

Hi All,

we have a network having one remote site with with routers using two different mpls provider for redandancy entire network running on EIGRP and we are also using GLBP on the LAN side of the remote site. Recently we discovered that one side on the remote site ( tunnel interface) having no out going traffic. can some one please advised what could be the possible issue.

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No Out going traffic on tunnel


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What do the two routers' route tables show for same destination?

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No Out going traffic on tunnel

I believe that Joseph is on the right track. If the tunnel is coming up correctly but has no outgoing traffic then it is likely that there is no route in the routing table that sends traffic out through the tunnel.

Though there might be some other issues that would prevent outbound traffic such as an access list on the interface. So posting the configuration of the router might also be helpful, especially if it turns out that there are entries in the routing table pointing out the tunnel.




No Out going traffic on tunnel

Frist of all Thank you Joseph and Rick for your response. I wil be very thankful if you can have a look on my attached configs.



No Out going traffic on tunnel

sorry i correction very recently we replace RO-01 with the new cisco device in the previous devious we were connected to the FE interface where as after the migration we are using the Gig interface .

interface GigabitEthernet0/0/3

description -- MPLS 1--

bandwidth 100000

do you think does it make any difference and cause this issue.

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