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outbound qos 4500 switch

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Is it possible to shape and apply queuing mechanisms all in one policy-map out of an 4500's interface ?



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mohseen patel
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Hi Seb,


On 4500 (Supervisor Engines 8-E, 7-E, 7L-E, 6‑E and 6L-E) supports MQC QOS  this tool can be use for traffic classification on basis of that you can perform with treatment like  Prioritize , Shape and polices.


This example shows how to configure class level, average shape percentage to 32 percent of link bandwidth for queuing-class traffic:

 Switch# configure terminal
 Switch(config)# policy-map queuing-policy
 Switch(config-pmap)# class queuing-class
 Switch(config-pmap-c)# shape average percent 32
 Switch(config-pmap-c)# exit
 Switch(config-pmap)# exit
 Switch(config)# interface gigabitethernet1/1
 Switch(config-if)# service-policy output queuing-policy1
 Switch(config-if)# end
 Switch #
 Switch# show policy-map queuing-policy
   Policy Map queuing-policy
     Class queuing-class
        Average Rate Traffic Shaping
        cir 32%


Refer to below mention link for better understand.


Mohseen Patel

Hi Mohseen,


Thanks for the answer. 

I've actually already read the document your pointing out, but it doesn't give an answer to my problem.

What I need to do is be able to shape on globally on the port and  be able to aplly some queuing on the same port. 

The 4500 port is negotiating at 1gbps but connected to a MPLS handoff of 100mbps. Hence the need of shaping the traffic. But I also need to prioritise traffic etc on the MPLS. 

As you might have noticed, when you're in a policy-map on the 4500 you cannot the service-policy command under the class-default class. 

So how can I work around this problem? For instance, on a router this would be configured this way using HQF:


 Switch# configure terminal
 Switch(config)# policy-map SHAPING
 Switch(config-pmap)# class class-default
 Switch(config-pmap-c)# shape average 100000000
 Switch(config-pmap-c)# service-policy QEUEUING
 Switch(config-pmap-c)# exit
 Switch(config-pmap)# exit

 Switch(config)# policy-map QEUEUING
 Switch(config-pmap)# class VOICE
 Switch(config-pmap-c)# priority
 Switch(config-pmap-c)# exit
 Switch(config-pmap)# class BUSINESS
 Switch(config-pmap-c)# bandwith 20000 
 Switch(config-pmap-c)# exit
 Switch(config-pmap)# class class-default
 Switch(config-pmap-c)# dbl
 Switch(config-pmap-c)# exit

 Switch(config)# interface Te2/1/10
 Switch(config-if)# service-policy output SHAPING


Thanks in advance for your help

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