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Packet size setting

Hi all , 

I just configured the the ICMP-Jitter in my Cisco switch .. My problem i can't set the size of packet .. So is there any way to add size to the packet like 1500 , 5000 and so .  Your advice is highly appreciated .. Thanks in-advance ..

Kind Regards 

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Kindly, Any update ? Thanks in advance 

PLz No one can advice in this issue .. Thanks 

Carlos Villagran
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


You mean, you configured an IP SLA with a ICMP-Jitter probe and want to know how to specify size of the icmp packets?

Sorry, the post is not really clear.

Best regards!


Yes that's right .. I  configured an IP SLA with a ICMP-Jitter probe.. But i cant specify the packet size such as 1500 , 5000 and so. 

In UDP-Jitter there is option called requested-size which specify the packet size .. In ICMP-Jitter i can't found  like this command .. So any way can using to specify the packet size in icmp-jitter .. Thanks in advance .. 


What router are you using? As far as I am concerned, there is no ICMP jitter SLA, you can specify the packet size with the  requested-size feature but using ICMP-echo option. 

There is no point in doing an ICMP Jitter feature since as far as I understand, almost all jitter-sensitive traffic is UDP.

Hope it helps, best regards!


Level 1
Level 1

Hello Tareq,

Instead of use IP SLA ICMP-Jitter, you might try withIP SLA ICMP Echo which include a command called "request-data-size":

(Optional) Sets the protocol data size in the payload of an IP SLAs operation's request packet.


Device(config-ip-sla-echo)# request-data-size 64 

I couldn't find if the switch can or can't support this IP SLA mode.

Refer to the link below:

Maxrodri, Thanks for your replay .. yes you are right, but the ip sla echo just an show the delay parameters..  I want also show the packet loss for my network , So  the suitable IP SLA is ICMP-Jitter .... but my problem here i can't specify the packet size .. So is there any chance or not .. Thanks in advance ...

Kind Regards, 

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