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Picking the right IP SLA settings

Level 1
Level 1

Can anyone advise on the best IP SLA settings to use, to monitor general link performance?

I have a number of Cisco 3560s linked with 2Gb port channels and want to produce some graphs showing if there are times when perfomance drops due to high traffic, or other causes.

After reading the docs, looking at jitter appeared to be the best guide, so I set up the following:

ip sla 1
udp-jitter X.X.X.X 5001 source-ip X.X.X.X source-port 5001 num-packets 3000
request-data-size 256
frequency 66
ip sla schedule 1 life forever start-time now

These have been running for many months. Using cacti to graph the output produces the least interesting graphs I have ever seen. I have slightly fuzzy horizontal lines. Either my network is perfect and gets great performance all the time, or I am not measuring anything useful.

All the examples I have found are for specific applications, such as VoIP. I have yet to find a guide for general data performance.

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Ganesh Hariharan
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni