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Port Blocking Problem SBPro ESW520

Hi Everyone,

I have been installing Cisco wireless for some years and recently started to get involved with LAN related switches so a steep learning curve and I have just installed a wired and wireless network in a warehouse that had no LAN so to connect it back to the main LAN I have used a root and non-root wireless bridge. The new LAN has a new SFE2000 switch with access points connected (plus a couple of repeaters) to it along with 2 wireless non-root access points (for resilience) that in turn conect to an existing SB Pro ESW520 switch on the main site LAN via 2 Root access points.

I'm getting started and have run into a problem already! The diagram below outlines the topology and essentially i get the following error generated by the small business pro ESW520 switch when the wireless bridge forms:

Warning  %2SWPORT-W-LOCKPORTACTIVE: A packet with source MAC 50:57:a8:ea:4c:02 tried to access through port e8 which is locked.

The MAC address listed belongs to on of the Non-Root access points.

The ESW520 switch is also showing the Root access point connected to port e8 as a "root" which i believe should not be the case?

I suspect the design is fundamentally flawed so would appreciate any pointers such as whether the non-root and or Root access points should be connected to the "G" Uplink ports or whether there is a configuration mismatch between the 2 switches somewhere?

Any guidance would be very much appreciated.

LAN Layout.jpg

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