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Port Channel and Routes question

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I have two 6509's connected via port channel.  The switches are independent, so each set of routes and the VLAN database is unique to each switch.


Switch B has a route that sends traffic to a designated trunked port which access a separate network.  There is a server on Switch A that needs to send data to the trunked port on Switch B.


Is it as simple as creating a route on A that points to port on switch B?



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Please find uploaded doc and let me know your comments

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how that data has been used in Switch B? If data to be accessed between two vlans, then allow that server on Switch A VLAN on that trunk and create a route (inter VLAN Routing on Switch B with the help of Router it is connected ) or if its used in same vlan that Server on Switch A, then allow that vlan on that trunk interface 

The data on Switch B goes out a Port which has an L2 connection to a remote data center.  So the port has an IP assigned,  I have a route on switch B that says  This creates the next hop and data can traverse the L2.


So should the route on Switch A say

How is routing works in your environment (Using external Router or Using Switch Multilayer Capabilities)? 

Is default gateway address ? (I mean router ip address)

Are you able to ping from switch A?



The switch does the L3.  I cannot ping the port on Switch B from Switch A.

I have static routes in the switches for traffic.  the IP's I gave were just examples.

Please find uploaded doc and let me know your comments

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