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Portchannel dropping packets due to load balancing?

I have a L2 portchannel between a 9407 and two Nexus 5000


We have Exfo testers at each end.

My port one on 9407 goes two port two on his nexus and I loop his port two.

He does the opposite. He port one loops my port two and we both send a 1Gig Down the link.


However I seem to be losing half a gig traffic either side.

I believe this is to do with the portchannel load balancing. 

I've gone through all the load balancing options on the 9400 and it hasn't made any difference.

1. Do I need to set the same otions on the nexus?


2. Is it something else other than load balancing?

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Re: Portchannel dropping packets due to load balancing?

Can you post both the side configuration to have a look. what kind of spanning tree, where is the root bridge ?



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Re: Portchannel dropping packets due to load balancing?



Can you please share the actual connection diagram? I'm not sure I understand your layout correctly.



Re: Portchannel dropping packets due to load balancing?

I'm actually home now so can't show you. However, basically

we have two Nexus 5000s with vpc between them
Then both nexus have a single interface in a vpc between them going to a portchannel with two interfaces on the 9407

To test I have two ports in the same vlan10 on the 9407

There are also two ports on the nexus in vlans

From port 1 on the 9407 I send to port 2 on the nexus and I loop his port.

The nexus sends traffic from his port 1 and loops port 2 on the 9407.

When we look at the test results. We are sending a Gig but only getting half gig back. I hope this is a little clearer?
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