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Possible to Load balance across 2 IRB links?

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Good Day All,

I would like to find out if is it possible to load balance across the following setup.

From Site A to B, there are 1 pair of routers at each site, total of 4 routers.

There are 2 x layer 2 link between Site A & B

Site A                                                 Site B

Router A1-----------------link1---------------Router B1

Router A2-----------------link2---------------Router B2

Due to server clustering, I need to stretch the VLANs over the 2 sites with Integrated Route Bridging (Just read up on this, and not sure how it works yet)

I am exploring the option to let the "odd" vlan through link 1, and "even" VLAN through link 2.


To achieve load-balancing as close to 50/50 as possible.

Is the above setup possible?

  •      Using IRB to stretch the VLAN?
  •      Using the Odd/Even VLAN to Load Blanace?

Are there any other methods to achieve this?

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Reza Sharifi
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

How are each cluster connected to the routers? Is there a Switch sitting behind each set of routers?
What type routers are these ?
You would have to use IRB and put the interface connected to router and the interface between the routers on the same subnet using BVI


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Good Day,

The routers model are c2901.

There is a stack of 3750 switches behimd the routers at each sites.

The cluster servers is connected to the switches.

For IRB, if i have to extend multiple VLAN, so I have to create a BVI for each VLAN?

Or a subinterface on the BVI for each VLAN?


If you have a stack of 3750 switches in each location, than just connect the switches together and extend the vlans across both locations.  No need to use the routers.


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