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PPTP Between VLAN's

Not sure this is in right area but thought I would start here.

Have a client with a Catalyst 3650 at the main location.  There are multiple VLAN's on this switch.  Communications department was originally setup with a 129.9.200.x network address.  This was causing some issues and needed to be changed.  So to match the rest of the network scheme, it was changed to a network with a /16 subnet mask.

Prior to this change, the Engineers office which is a network could dial in to a machine at via PPTP and access an application.  After changing the IP to yesterday, this connection no longer works.  I have reviewed the configuration on the main office switch, the configuration on the Pix at the main location and cannot find anything that I missed that would prevent this connection.  I have changed the PPTP connection on the machine at the other end to point to the new IP and still nothing.

This leads to the second part of the question.  I have multiple cruisers with Verizon air cards (static ip's) that connect via PPTP to the main office Pix.  From there, they need to do a second PPTP connection to the machine to get access to the application.  Is this possible?  I tried everythign I could think of yesterday to no avail and am just simply out of ideas.  If it's not even possible and I'm banging my head for no reason, it would be good to know.

Any help would really be appreciated!

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