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printer share on the totally distincts VLANS

Hi to all,

I'm searching for help about VLANs because i'm trying to share a printer over it, I didn't succeed and I don't even know if something's wrong with my infrastructure. It's the first time I work with Cisco materials.

This is a graphic I realised about my case :

network pritnter share



Could you please give me some advices to achieve the share of the printer ? It has to be the only cross-point of the VLans ...


paul driver
VIP Mentor

Hello Not I understand your request - are you asking how to setup a printer share or querying about inter vlan routing for reachability to the printer? To access a printer share the ip address or device name(dns) of the printer needs to reachable to the client that want to connect to it So at present is the printer reachable from your client. Res Paul

kind regards

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Yes, that's what i'm trying to do ...

Initially my printer was on the VLAN10, with as IP address, and I would have been able to reach it from the VLAN20 PC's.

But I didn't managed to do intervlan routing with the RV180W. 

To do so, (and i'm not sure it's the right way), I've tried to :

- activate VLAN's on the RV180W (then the first port is automatically associated with default VLAN1, with DHCP server
- create a VLAN2 in DHCP relay mode, assigning as the IP (because SAGEM router is already a DHCP server)
- associate the second port of the RV180W to VLAN2
- enable intervlan on both

I tricked a little bit options and modes but forever, as soon as I make the conection between a VLAN20 port from the switch to the RV180w, all my 10.0.0 network disappeared, all client pc's disconnect.
As I take a look on the hosts RV180W is seeing on the network, I only see 192.168.1.X hosts.


That's why i prefered disconnect the printer on my graphics, thinking I'm not in the good logic ...

Martin Carr

It's never a good idea to dynamically address servers and printers etc, configure a static address instead.

You would need to implement 'router on a stick', essentially a trunk link is created between the switch and the router to achieve inter VLAN routing, you would then need to create an ACL, so the two VLAN'S remain isolated, if that's what is required.


Aah what an headache ...

thanks c_martyn_10 but :

I have a DHCP server to allow guest people at the office but all the fixed devices are configured static.

I've tried the router on stick configuration but there's something wrong with RV180W.

I mean as I create 2 virtual interfaces on one of the port to act as a trunk, I'm only able to select "intervlan" option ... without less, without more.

I've taken a look on the net about ACL, and it seems it's not provided here .. The only thing i see and that seems to look like is "static route", but I've created a lot of tests and I never suceed to ping between 2 devices from different subnets.

Firewall options are limited to WAN>LAN and LAN>WAN. I don't have found a way to setup this "Intervlan" option.

Do someone got the RV180W and managed to use intervlan functions properly ?

paul driver
VIP Mentor


Not sure about this SOHO router configuration setup I assume it will be via a GUI.:

Something like this:


1) create 3 vlans ( one is management vlan for the switch)
2) assign ip address to each subnet
3) each lan port on the router associated the each vlan as a TAGGED port
4) Configure dhcp on this router OR enable DHCP relay and identify your remote dhcp server

L2 switch
On the port connecting to the router set this interface as DOT1q trunk

int xx
switchort trunk encap dot1
switchport mode trunk
no shut

int vlan xx (For management connection)

ip address xxxx y.y.y.y

ip default-getaway x.x.x.x ( ip address of routers management vlan ip address)


For the printer, obtain the mac- address of the printer and on dhcp server create a reservation relating this mac address.

 then the printer will obtain a ip automatically but it will always be the same ip address

(Make sure the ip address of the printer and vlans are omitted from dhcp scope.










kind regards

Please rate and mark posts accordingly if you have found any of the information provided useful.
It will hopefully assist others with similar issues in the future