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Private Vlans

I am setting up a small ISP for my neighbors.  I have a three Cisco switches running IOS ipservices 15.0, one 3750G, one 3750v2, and one 2960LT-L running LanBase 15.0.

My main switch is a 3750G and on port gi1/0/40, a Cisco 4331 router that AT&T provided.  This router provides us with 8 public IP addresses and uses one of them.  Currently I have this router in Vlan 12.

On port gi1/0/41, I have my business' C3925 router and it needs to get one of the public IP addresses.  This port is also in Vlan 12.

Port gi1/0/42 is neighbor 1 and they need a public IP address
Port gi1/0/43 is neighbor 2 and they need a public IP address

Switch two, a 3750v2 has a trunk to switch 1 which includes Vlan 12. The trunk port is port fa2/0/1.  Neighbor 3 is connect to port fa2/0/2 on this switch and is in Vlan 12.  Port fa2/0/48 is a trunk port to switch 3

Switch 3 is the 2960LT-L.  Port fa0/1 is a trunk port to switch 2.  Port fa0/2 is in vlan 12 and connects to a wifi access point where neighbors 4 and 5 connect to.  This access point does support Vlans.

ALL five neighbors need a public IP address in the 12. network but what is the best way to keep one neighbor from seeing other's routers.  Keep in mind that the neighbors will be using retail routers that have  a WAN port which will connect to my switch and their internal networks will be on a private IP.

Would private-vlans help with security and how would I configure them given that the neighbors and the internet router are on the same network?

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