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Problems getting routers to comunicate on an Private ATM network

I hope to have an answer to this question.

I know ATM is rather old technology, we are in the process of migrating over the next 3 years.

We are replacing our legacy routers/swithces (2600/2950swxs) with 2900 series and 3900 series rotuers with intergrated GiG ethernet switches.

This is to eliminate duplication of having a seperate router and sepearte switch at each location.

How do we get the T1 at location A, communicating to the router at location B using an ATM node network over a OC-3 interface?

(T1 @ location A connected to the ATM backbone (cross connected) location B to a router with an OC-3 optical interface)

We tried several ways of configuring the ATM to get it to pass traffic, namely the protocol. The interface always stay up and green but the protocol goes down for the count.

We even wired the routers directly over a T1 interface at each router, it worked fine, through the ATM as point-point T1 connection, the routers came up, so I know the T1 p-p connection is good through the ATM network.

It seams the VPI/VCI are not being passed to the OC-3 itnerface. We also notice the OC-3 interface is not generating any traffic back to our ATM.

Are we missing some information in the programming, such as encapsulation protocols, routing protocols?

Any examples on the programming to get our router talking, would be helpful.

We are using Alcatel 7470 series ATM nodes.


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