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ProCurve 5372xl vs Catalyst 3570-E


Doing some research I was able to compare these two brand ProCurve 5372xl and Catalyst 3570-E


Could you share your experiance and tell me what major difference are between theese two devices and what stnads for HP ProCurve except good price to choose it over Catalyst 3570  (not including StackWise and StackPower) ?

Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

3750E does not support StackPower.  StackPower is the exclusive domain of the 3560X and the 3750X.

I'm no expert with HP ProCurve products but there's really little you can do when HP "dives" the price of their appliance because that's always been their modus operandi.

One thing I like about Cisco is the fact that Cisco's TAC support even after End-of-Sale (EoS).  With some brand names, if it's End-of-Sale it can also mean End-of-Support.

Looking at the HP website, the 5372XL is like the 4500 or the 6500.  It's a Layer-3 chassis-based system.  So comparing the 5372XL with the 3750X would be a wee bit stretch.

My question would be this:  What are you trying to achieve?

Rising star

Firt of all you are in a cisco forum, asking what is the benefits for a hp switch is not going to get you any good answers.

If you would go to a Pro HP forum you will get more answers on the question at hand.

basically what i would do if i where you is to ask in a cisco forum what is the benefits of the cisco switch and in a hp forum what are the benefits of the hp switch.

That would give you as much as possible to go on.

However that said

You do not want to buy the HP for any reason if you are a serius player when it comes to Networking.

Why ?

Well it have been end of sales since june 2008.

That is something to seriously consider.

For me that is a dealbreaker.

Good luck


Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

Well it have been end of sales since june 2008.

I just checked their website and it's slightly confusing.  The 5308XL is End-of-Sale since 2008 but the newer 5372XL is still available.

not according to this link.

And since I have replaced some since we could not get the correct parts and have to buy the parts at a second hand broker...

I am now trying to figure out when HP will scrap the 5406zl so I can get the most of them to replace with Cisco equipment.

but thats just me.

Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

not according to this link.

Told you the site was confusing me. 

I think most things with HP is confusing