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Purchasing 871 ios upgrade

I have a 871 router which I bought and configured on my home lan as an enthousiast a few years ago.. ever since I have not made many changes, but now I will be changing the network layout and want to upgrade the router OS to the latest version..

I bought the 871 with the Advanced Security OS but now I want to upgrade that to the Advanced IP Services version and update to the latest version.

The retailer I got it from is not longer available and I have no service contracts or anything of the sorts, I simply need a way to purchase the actual OS without any costly additional services that may not even be available where I live.. I found several websites selling the Advanced IP Services upgrade, all of them however appear to be older versions.. I could not even find a way to purchase the latest revision of the Advanced Security ios..

From what I can tell the only/best way to get the new ios is to get a SMARTnet contract and these are apparently much easier to find online.

2 questions remain though:

- Does purchasing a smartnet contract for a CISCO871-SEC-K9 entitle me to install the adv ip serv ios on my CISCO871-K9 ?

- What would be the best SMARTnet service contract if I am only after an ios upgrade & update..? I used the Service Finder, but the columns "Software Application Updates" and "Software Application Upgrades" are unclear. What do they mean and do I need these?

I never would have expected that figuring out how to get an ios upgrade was this complicated..

Thanks for any help,


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Re: Purchasing 871 ios upgrade

Dear ,

Just see the below link and i see that there is an option "Cisco Software Application Support Services" in page 15 .With this you will be able to do software update and TAC access.I don't have any experience with this option . I walys go with option "Cisco SMARTnet Service"

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