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PVSTP, VMware virtual switch and LACP badly setup

Hello all,

This being my first post, like most, its because we have had a problem, but im not quite able to understand why the situation we ended up in was behaving as it did?

We have 3 devices, a vmware host, a switch and a NAS box.

The NAS is connected to the switch using a single access port.

We have 2 physical connections to the switch from the VMware host connected on trunk ports.

A network Bond was setup on the VMware side, but the bond was never setup on the Cisco switch side.

We had some very strange behavious as for a while the network worked without any issues, and then a few weeks later we started to have the od dropped packed and some strange behavious on the NAS after an update to the firmware. The firmware itself enhanced the SMB security.

My question is, how would Cisco deal with the bond being setup on the VMware side of things?

Would the bond just be ignored as LACP was not setup, or would the VMware switch attempt to send regardless of the setup on the Cisco end?

Could our packet drop frequence be explained by this, or am i looking in the wrong place?

One thing i do know, is that this was not setup correctly, and the issues have gone since disabling the second connection and removing the Bond setup on the Host.

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