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QOS Policing for 5Mb circuit on 100Mb Connection


Have a bit of a problem. We have a sattelite office that is connected via TLC transparently underneath a 100Mb Ethernet connection, terminated on a 6500 and 1841 ISR.

My problem is such that I need to figure out how I can either police or priority queue voice traffic over other less sensitive traffic down to the rate of 5Mb/s...

It's easy enough to do on the ISR, but the 6500 seems to be a different story.  For one the module where it's connected does not support MQC, so HQOS is not an option.

Any suggestions?  Can this be done with priority queueing for voice traffic... and if so, how would I let qos know that it only has 5Mb/s to work with in terms of the queues and drop settings?

I appologize if this is a simple question... QoS is one of those things I've always know I'd have to tackle some day, but up till now, that day hasn't come.

Thanks in advance.


Cisco Employee

You are using the wrong line card on the 6500, you need a SIP/SPA for WAN. SIP/SPA will allow WAN HQoS with shaping. If you are using the WS-X6xxx line card, that is LAN line card.

Here is the data sheet for SIP-200 (it has higher speed, SIP-400, SIP-600):




Hey Jerry

Thanks for the quick reply.

Yes I'd read that the WAN cards do HQoS... however, these switches are fully populated, not to mention we are under budget constraints that would prevent us from doing this.  Further... we are also a service provider, so our TLS circuits are pretty much free for us, and this is how the like to design them - unfortunately...

So with that said...

Is there any way to do this with a regular LAN interface?


Hm... If you don't have any choice but the LAN line card. You can only try 2 thing:

wrr command might be able to do some shape (but this is not the same affect of HQoS)


police the traffic




So actually in discussions with some of my peers here, we though that maybe we could police the non-voice traffic down to something more reasonable that would prevent it from hogging all the bandwidth?  is that sort of what you might have in mind?

Of course, I would prefer a queueing solution... would you (or anyone else) have any suggestions as to how to go about that given the curret situation?


You can try that. I think it might work (one of my previous customer did this and they claim it is working).





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For a less expensive queuing solution, for shaping a 100 Mbps circuit to 5 Mbps, drop a small ISR between the 6500 and the circuit.

You  might also drop a small switch, with QoS features like those found on  the 8 port 3560, which although inferior to an ISR's are surprisingly better in this instance than a 6500 LAN card.

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